Where else is Johnny and what is he doing?  He’s all over the internet.  On occasion, I write stories, do interviews, receive reviews, write essays, and all manner of things.  I’ll do my best to keep track of where I show up.

short stories:

BLOODSHOVEL – A goofy, foul-mouthed horror short story written specifically for the “Slasher Edition” of Plots With Guns.

CHINGÓN in BLOOD & TACOS – Explosive action with explosions. The short story that started it all. From the first issue of Blood & Tacos.

LUCK – The first in my proposed series of short stories inspired by the track list from the Supersuckers album “The Smoke of Hell” – Only in Thuglit Issue 1

SIMON SEZ in THE SNICKERDOODLE KERFUFFLE – Simon Sez is the hard-boiled alternative to Encyclopedia Brown – Only in the anthology FEEDING KATE

GAY STREET – My short story in the charity anthology PROTECTORS: STORIES TO BENEFIT PROTECT. 41 great stories and a great cause. This one is a no-brainer, buy it.

THE BIG RED ONE – I’m really proud of this one. My story in LEE: THE LEE MARVIN ANTHOLOGY, a fiction biography of Lee Marvin with stories by some of my favorite writers. Honored to be a part of this great project.


THE ART OF GOING TOO FAR – An essay for the “Shut Up & Write” series over at Criminal Complex, in which I use some colorful language to rant about the writing process.

FROM AMERICAN VIKING TO ZANE – From the second issue of Blood & Tacos. I break down the work of legendary pulp writer Brace Godfrey, including some of his favorite titles.

CRIME FACTORY 9 – Included in this issue is an essay about the origins of how DOVE SEASON came to be.  Spoiler alert: Only read this if you have already read the book.  Includes a never-before-published stage monologue.

OMNIMYSTERY NEWS – A brief essay about growing up in the Imperial Valley.


THE SATURDAY BOY – Author Ray Banks interviews me on the release of DOVE SEASON. This is one of my favorite interviews.

TIME OUT SYDNEY – The Australian magazine interviews me about my fiction quarterly BLOOD & TACOS.

SWOOP’S WORLD RADIO – Listen to me actually talk in this very fun interview about DOVE SEASON.

SUSPENSE RADIO – The great thing about this interview is how thrashed my voice is from hanging out in the bar at Bouchercon the night before.  J.M. LeDuc is also interviewed here.

CRIME ALWAYS PAYS – Author Declan Burke interviews me at this great Irish crime fiction site.

DOVE SEASON press & reviews:

PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE – The review is in the November issue, but if you’re too embarrassed, you can read it online here.

BOOKLIST – Bill Ott’s review of DOVE SEASON.

BARNES & NOBLE MYSTERY BLOG – Jed Ayres writers about Matthew F. Jones’ A SINGLE SHOT and some other novel titled, DOVE SEASON.

SPINETINGLER MAGAZINE – The Nerd of Noir puts in his two cents about DOVE SEASON. The only review with more swearing than the book.

SPINETINGLER MAGAZINE 2 – Spinetingler is so cool, they reviewed DOVE SEASON twice. This time R. Thomas Brown gives his take.

CRIMINAL COMPLEX – Some kind words from the inimitable Jimmy Callaway.

LITREACTOR – Keith Rawson writes about his job of having to moderate an event with Joe Lansdale and myself. There’s even a picture of the three of us here.

CRIME SCENE SCOTLAND – Great review from the great Russel McLean from all the way over the pond (and then a little bit north).

MURDER BY THE BOOK – Review from the coolest bookstore in Portland, Oregon (and it ain’t Powell’s)

THE POISONED PEN – Review from the blog for the best bookstore in Arizona.

BENJAMIN WHITMER – Great review from the author of PIKE and co-writer of SATAN IS REAL.

THOMAS PLUCK – Author Thomas Pluck shares his review of DOVE SEASON.

VINCE KEENAN – Author/Noirista Vince Keenan reviews DOVE SEASON.



LITERARY APERITIF - My novel next to food and alcohol, where it belongs.

LIBRARY JOURNAL - Nice to be included among a great list of anticipated books from BEA 2011.

NEW YORK POST – I get mentioned, but was the snarky adverb really necessary?