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Winner of the Stan Johnson Outstanding Debut Mystery Award from Friends of Mystery

Nominated for a 2012 Spinetingler Award

                 Included on the following “Best of 2011″ lists:                   Booklist, Grift Magazine, Barnes & Noble Mystery Blog, LitReactor, Russel McLean, Bill Cameron, Spinetingler Magazine, Murder by the Book.

“The writing has a smart, fluent rhythm and crackle that pull you forward, and it’s full of sharply observed and often very funny details. The author is excellent at creating a sense of place with a few deft strokes (the depressing nursing-home chapel with posters of stained glass stuck to the wall), he moves effortlessly between dark comedy and moments that pack a real emotional punch, and he’s got a knack for off-kilter characters who are completely at home in their own personal corners of oddballdom. The structure is tight and well-paced–a couple of the plot twists knock the wind right out of you–and Jimmy is a wry, engaging narrator, getting further and further out of his depth in every possible way and responding with a mixture of integrity, compassion, and ruthlessness that not even he expected…this is a great read, and you deserve the chance to read it, too.” — Tana French (Edgar Award-winning author of In The Woods)

“Johnny Shaw’s Dove Season may well be the best debut this year. It has the warm wit of Lansdale’s Hap and Leonard novels, the effortless cool of Elmore Leonard and just a sprinkling of Crumley’s border dust. Here’s to many more Jimmy Veeder fiascos to come.”— Ray Banks (author of Beast of Burden)

Johnny Shaw calls Dove Season a Jimmy Veeder Fiasco, but I call it a whole new ballgame; I enjoyed this damn book more than anything else I read this year!”— Craig Johnson (author of The Cold Dish and Hell is Empty)

“Dove Season is dark and funny, graceful and profane, with beating-heart characters and a setting as vivid as a scorpion sting on a dusty wrist. Debut author Johnny Shaw is a welcome new voice. I’m already looking forward to Jimmy Veeder’s next fiasco.”— Sean Doolittle (author of The Cleanup and Safer)

“Your skin all but dries, your lips all but crack, as you follow Jimmy Veeder into the blast-furnace heat of the Imperial Valley on a quest to fulfill the last wishes of his dying father. A man in equal measures grounded and reckless, Jimmy is at his core profoundly human: a man we can root for, fear for, and and too often must pray for. With wry humor and mellifluous prose, Johnny Shaw skillfully navigates the knife’s edge balance between a meditation on mortality and a harrowing crime drama. At turns brash, thoughtful, and desperate, Dove Season builds like a thunderhead, then bursts with sudden, explosive violence. It’s a story not to be missed.”—Bill Cameron (author of County Line and Day One)

Johnny Shaw is a talented writer with a genuine feel for desert speak.  His debut, Dove Season, offers some cross-border issues of the day.  A dying father’s last wish quickly turns into a deadly adventure for all involved.  Shaw has writing chops deserving of future attention.” — Charlie Stella (author of Johnny Porno)

Dove Season by Johnny Shaw has a great setting, right out of a Gold Medal novel, the Calexico/Mexicali border country…This is a fast-moving story with great local color, told in smooth prose. Check it out.” – Bill Crider (author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery series)

“I love this kind of book, where someone is just trying to live his normal life and a dumpster load of crap falls in on him.  In Jimmy Veeder’s world though, normal life consists of bacon being a digestive aid, smoking a cigarette to freshen the air, his father dying, and bringing a Mexican hooker to the convalescent home. So you can imagine what trouble consists of.  Shaw is a wizard with language. He makes his characters and locales sing with a laconic, lonely, achingly lovely bittersweet song.”— Hal Ackerman (author of the Harry Stein series of soft-boiled mysteries)

“[Dove Season] is Shaw’s first novel, and it’s a good one…Aficionados of crime stories will enjoy it thoroughly” - David Keymer, Library Journal

“What begins as an almost tender father-son story becomes a tense adventure told through the droll narration of Jimmy Veeder…Cinematically written, the story is a pleasure to watch unfold, from the zippy dialogue to the unexpected plot revelations.” Publishers Weekly