Monthly Archives: August 2011

Guest Blog at Wordstock Festival

I will be giving a reading and doing a workshop at the Wordstock Festival in October.  Leading up to that, they asked me to write a guest blog for their site, which you can find here:

I’m really excited to be a part of one of the  most exciting literary events in Portland.

Crime Always Pays Interview

Author Declan Burke’s blog CRIME ALWAYS PAYS is an essential resource for any fan of crime fiction.  And although the site primarily concentrates on Irish crime fiction, Declan was nice enough to include me.

For me, it was a real treat.  How often does one get asked what their favorite Irish crime novel is?  I imagine that question could catch a lot of people flat-footed.  I’m lucky I’m a fan.

Check the interview out here:

And while you’re at it, you check out Declan Burke’s new novel ABSOLUTE ZERO COOL.  Declan brings an incredibly original voice (and a very funny one) to the genre.

Portland, OR: Murder By The Book

Great event at Murder By The Book in Portland yesterday.  I joined Shaun Morey, Tyler Dilts and Audrey Braun (aka Deborah Reed) to talk about our books, writing, and a whole slew of other subjects.

If you’re ever in Portland, don’t just go to Powell’s.  Stop in here, as well.  It’s one of the country’s great mystery bookstores with an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff and wonderful selection of new and used books.  I always find something I didn’t know I was looking for.