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My Week of Crime

I attended the March meeting of Friends of Mystery in Portland to hear SF-based mystery writer Cara Black talk about her books and Paris. A really fascinating and engaging speaker.  The way she talks about the city makes you want to head to the airport and jump on a plane.  I haven’t read any of the Aimee Leduc series, but I’m going to add them to my voluminous list.  I also got the opportunity to have a nice chat with Portland crime writer Bill Cameron.  A great guy.  If you haven’t read his books, you should take a look. LOST DOG and CHASING SMOKE are good places to start.  He captures the city of Portland really well and it’s hard not to like a hero named Skin.

The next night, Greg Rucka was signing the new hardcover edition of his graphic novel STUMPTOWN at Bridge City Comics. Not only did I pick up a signed copy (look for my review soon), but Greg was generous enough to offer to read an Advanced Copy of DOVE SEASON.  So if you don’t see me touting his blurb in a month or two, you’ll know he didn’t like it.

It got me thinking.  I’ve been writing for a long time, so I have pretty thick skin when it comes to criticism and reviews.  But I have to admit, it’s slightly more nerve-racking to hand your book to people who you have read and admire.  Obviously I want good reviews from other sources, but I don’t know most of those people’s work.  I do want other authors to like it. If they don’t, it’s cool. Chalk it up to a matter of taste. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to.

Just finished the book SMONK by Tom Franklin and absolutely loved it (I put a short review of it up at Goodreads).  I might wrong a longer piece on it in the future.  Definitely not for everyone, but if you like gleefully described unapologetic violence and gore, this western is for you.

Until next time…

Boycott Dorchester Publishing

Join the dozens of other authors, reviewers, and booksellers in the boycott of Dorchester/Leisure publishing.  The number of authors that are reporting being screwed over by them keeps growing with each day.  Do not support a publisher that doesn’t pay its authors.

For more information, follow the full story at Brian Keene’s website:

Crime Writers Rock!


This is the portable model

Over the last few months, I have been contacting various authors in an effort to get them to read an advanced copy of my novel DOVE SEASON for consideration in supplying me with an author blurb.  You know what I’m talking about, those hyperbolic quotes on the back of the book that tells you that the book is awesome and you should buy it.

I sent out emails far and wide, thinking that if I was lucky I would get maybe two or three people to get back to me, let alone agree to read it.  I was wrong, I got over 20 authors to agree to read it.  And the ones that could not due to their schedules, were gracious and full of support and advice.

I have come to the conclusion that crime writers (and a few non-crime writers) rock.

The following list represents a group of authors that displayed unbelievable generosity and support to me.  Not all of them could read the book and I am sure that not all of them will supply me with a blurb.  But all of them welcomed me to the crime writing family.  I’ve read books by all of them and if you’re looking for something to read, pick up a book by one of these writers.  You won’t be disappointed.

Please note: Just because these authors are on this list, does not mean that  they have endorsed my book (many are still in the process of reading it).  I only wish to express my sincere thanks for their generosity and support.